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Qing Dao You Hong Livestock Machinery CO.,LTD
Contacts:MR zhao
Address:Laixi city of Qingdao Jiangshan Industrial Park Road prosperity
  Friends of Hong Machinery Co., Ltd. Qingdao Livestock Italian production technology and main components, developed a herringbone, mid-mounted, pipeline, and other hand-push milking machine to meet the needs of different levels of dairy companies and farmers, At the same time provide users with civil engineering design, supporting former dairy milk cooling tanks and processing equipment and turnkey projects, we are also able to provide the technological transformation of existing facilities for you, the whole renovation, expansion, production of special equipment and provide standard industrial systems, the best engineering solution and the corresponding equipment, and the most economical process procedures, and the sale of various milking machine parts.   [More]
Traction Type Double Beat The Dragon
Traction Type Single Beat The Dragon
Stationary TMR feed mixers
Self Propelled TMR Feed Mixers
Self Propelled TMR Feed Mixers
Vehicular TMR feed mixers
Vehicular TMR feed mixers
Vehicular TMR feed mixers
Cow Bed Scatters Car
Cow Bed Scatters Car
Silage Reclaimer
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